Call for Zines

Call for Zines for (In)visible Exhibition & Permanent Library
Zine Call

Taking place between 9 – 14 October to coincide with World Mental Health Day on 10 October, (In)visible will feature a group of artists who have used their work as self-expression, communication and therapeutic release. With themes often thought of as taboo such as mental illness, abuse, and domestic violence, this exhibition promotes honesty and non-censorship. We aim to create a visually stimulating, thought-provoking and engaging event that ignites discussion, tackles stigmas and unites artist and audience.

The exhibition will take place at the artist-run, Espacio Gallery, Shoreditch, London and will display a range of art disciplines, including performance and interactive art.

Atramental is curating a zine library to accompany the (In)visible exhibition. Artists are invited to submit zines which will become part of this exhibition. They will then form a permanent collection to be used for future events.

The ethos of Atramental is to champion creatives who use their practice to express their discontentment. It aims to provide a platform for self-expression and honesty, challenge taboos and reduce stigma. 

Zines which express issues around the following themes will be accepted:

Mental illness
Physical illness
Domestic Violence
Family/relationship breakdown

Whilst non-censorship is encouraged, Atramental is an inclusive and non-discriminatory collective. Any zines containing inflammatory or discriminatory imagery or language will not be used. Artistic nudity can be accepted, but due to the public nature of the event, gratuitous sexually explicit content will be rejected. 
This is a conceptual zine library and zines submitted must fit this. If your concept is not immediately obvious, please provide a brief description of the theme/content when sending.
Atramental reserves the right to reject any zines deemed unsuitable or inappropriate. Artists will be notified of rejected entries. These are unable to be returned.

Artists are welcome to send business or postcards with their zine(s), but due to readers’ handling it cannot be guaranteed that these will stay inside your zine (unless affixed).

Artists’ names will be included on a poster which will accompany the library.
(For collaborative zines, credit will fall to the curator(s))
Zines will be photographed & shared on social media. Artists who include their social media usernames/Etsy links will receive a shout-out on Instagram and/or Twitter. Selected zines will be reviewed by Atramental in a blog post. If you do not wish your zine to be displayed on social media, please state this when sending. Anonymous submissions are also welcome!

Maximum zine size: A3

To receive the address for sending submissions, please email: with the subject Zine Address.

UK wide and international artists are welcome to apply.

Deadline for submissions to arrive for inclusion in (In)visible exhibition is 5 October 2018 (please bear this in mind when posting).

It is free to submit zines and free to be included in the Atramental Zine Library. Yay! 

Thanks for reading and happy zine-ing! x

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